About Us

About Pure Marine

PURE Marine’s odor removal products deal with the source of foul odors. They attack and eliminate lingering smells of fish or dampness through an oxidation process, destroying the odor causing molecules.

PURE Marine products are easy to use, safe on non-porous hard surfaces, provide a clean smell upon treatment, and will not fade over time like a masking scent.

No More Funk

Eliminate musty air and eradicate smells from mold, mildew, and fish odors from gear, compartments, and live wells.

Spray it & Leave it

Simply spray PURE Marine Odor Eliminator where it's needed and let it air dry. No need to rinse with water afterward.

Gentle on Materials

PURE Marine Odor Eliminators can be used on life vests, boat surfaces, and fishing gear without fear
of corrosion.